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  • Paul & Michelle

    "The beginners course definitely exceeded our expectations, we are very impressed with how much we have learnt in a short time and what started out as a bit of fun has become a favourite hobby!" Paul & Michelle, Dec 11

  • Shelly Frost

    "Very enjoyable, like the continuity of the classes each week, like the people and the laid back approach" Shelly Frost, June 10

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Timing & Musicality resources

OK folks - you know how we feel about Salsa music and how understanding it will help you enjoy your dancing even more... well here are some of the great musical resources you can use to help you.

1. Salsa music

It may sound obvious but just listening to Salsa music will help!  You don't have to.. but if the only time you listen to Salsa is in class it will be less familiar to you and so you will be dedicating important brain power to thinking about staying on time as well as learning new moves!

Check out our playlists HERE - we also have a selectoin of "Great Salsa practice tracks" that are a good slow pace and nice clear rhythms.

2. Salsa rhythms

It can be hard to hear the many rhythms in Salsa music when you are not familiar with them but there are some great resources available online to help.  Here are some of the ones that we use in class & workshops:

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