Range of classes

At Abanico Salsa we teach the full range of classes in Salsa and the associated dances - at all levels.

Our team are happy to provide classes & workshops for all types of events, large or small.

Contact us if you would like to know more.


Wherever you are in the South west you will only be a stone's throw away from an Abanico Salsa class!

Check out our Classes page to find out where we are and take advantage... if for any reason you can't make you regular class - or are out and about - and want your Salsa fix you can pop into any other Abanico class.  Beginners' cards and course/class cards are valid at all Abanico Salsa classes.

You can be sure of our good technique and warm welcome whichever class you attend - if you need any help don't hesitate to get in touch...

Award winning!

We are very happy to announce that we have two award winners on our team:

Angus - "Best teacher - South West & Wales region"

Lee - "Best DJ - South West & Wales region"

... as voted for by you!

Many thanks for all of your support - your votes of confidence are what inspires us to keep getting better!


"The Abanico is a distinctive roll played by the Timbale player to signal the beginning of a new section of music... often with a higher dynamic level" 
Tito Puente & Jim Payne, 2000

"...the abanico is played with a personal approach by each player..." 
Ed Uribe, 1996.

The Abanico Salsa team is a group of dedicated Salseros who are eager to share the energy and enthusiasm they feel for Salsa with as many students as possible.

We chose the name "Abanico" as it reflects the high levels of energy and fun that we bring to all of our classes and the individuality of our teachers...