Angela Johnson-Scott

Teaching assistant

014 h angelaAngela has been dancing Salsa since 2004 and believes that it is in her blood due to her Dad being Cuban!

As well as Salsa her interest extends to most forms of Latin and African dance - Cuban style, On 1, On 2, Cha Cha, Kizomba, Afro, Samba, West Coast Swing & more… anyone who has met her quickly finds out that her passion is dance and she is at her happiest when on the dance floor!

Whatever the style, Angela believes strongly in learning and applying good technique to her partner-work to ensure enjoyable dancing for both leader and follower… and then adding a little something stylish to keep things interesting!

We are very pleased to have Angela on the Abanico team - many of you will already know her as she is a popular (and always smiling!) face on the SW dance scene - and you can now find her at our weekly On 2 Salsa classes in the centre of Bristol.