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"The Palladium - Where Mambo Was King"

All time favourite latin music documentary..?  This could well be it!  Pour a cold drink... slip on some dancing shoes and spend the best hour & a half of your week with this film!


Tromboranga Live!!  You'll get shivers at 1m40s - what a great crowd!

Counting down the days... can't wait! > buy your tickets here


Mitchell & Monica

A great routine - with a killer footwork section..!


Eddie Torres Jr. & Teresa Garcia

Check out a really nice social dance - fun & smooth!


Adolfo Indocochea & team

Very cool routine..!


"Abanico Salsa presents La Excelencia @ The Extravaganza - Bristol, UK - 2nd June 2012"

Hands down the best day of 2012 so far..!


"Santo Rico Bachata Team"

We've featured lots of great Salsa performances here and now here's a great Bachata performance for you...


"Howard Goodall - Salsa Rhythm"

This is a great video clip explaining why Salsa rhythms make you want to dance..!



"Adolfo & Carla"

Wow..!! These guys just get better and better... check out the FLAVOUR they show in this routine... AWESOME..!!!


"Dancing to live music!!"

No way this clip isn't staying here... don't like dancing to live music... think again!!

A fantastic clip of Eddie Torres, Eddie Torres Jr. and Nelida Tirado dancing to Tito Puente's band... how big are their smiles!!


"Another request...!"

This week it's another request and a return for Izzy Sanabria and Ray Barretto's band to show you how a Salsa tune is put together... enjoy one more time...


"Back by popular demand...!"

Is this the most talked about clip at class!?

Here you are once again... the Santo Rico pro team rehearsing what is quite frankly an awesome routine...

Enjoy second time round...