Beginner courses


*Please check Classes page to find your nearest venue and check whether we run 'drop-in' classes or 8 week courses there.

Our Beginners courses* will take you right 'from scratch' - you do not need to have had any dance experience at all.

If you sign up for one of our 8 week Beginners' courses you will be taught all of the basics of Salsa, as well as all of the 'Technique' level moves that you will need in order to progress to Improver level.

Our 8 week courses are designed to prepare you for dancing at Improver level - but we thoroughly recommend that if you are not completely comfortable with what you have learnt during the course that you repeat it before moving on. In our experience we have found that everybody picks different things up at different speeds and we know that it is vital that you can dance what you have been taught without thinking too much as things get a little more tricky at Improver level.

What is required?

Nothing - except a willingness to learn and a desire to have fun!

All those with two left feet are also welcome... we often hear the words "Oh no, I couldn't come to a Salsa class as I don't know how to dance"... don't worry... that is what our classes are for - to teach you to Salsa! We have new students starting all of the time, most of whom have never danced before either - if you want to see what some of them learnt in only 8 weeks check out the video below!

Where to next?

We thoroughly recommend that you repeat the Beginners' course at least once - all of our students who have done so have reported benefiting massively from the additional practice, as well as the fact that they are able to pick up even more second time round as they are getting more comfortable with the basics. You will progress much quicker in the long run if your basics are sound.

Once you are happy and comfortable with everything that you have learnt during the Beginners' course you are ready to move to IMPROVER level.