Beginner 'drop-in' classes


*Please check Classes page to find your nearest venue and check whether we run 'drop-in' classes or 8 week courses there.

Our drop-in Beginners' classes run in a cycle of 4 weeks - but can be joined any week of the year and are designed to take you from scratch each week. Over the 4 weeks you will learn the basic steps, timing and connections - as well as some basic leading & following skills.

Our 'Drop-in' classes are designed to prepare you for Technique level and we recommend that you stick with this level until you have perfected your basics - in our experience you will be able to progress much quicker once you have mastered them.

What is required?

Nothing - except a willingness to learn and a desire to have fun!

All those with two left feet are also welcome... we often hear the words "Oh no, I couldn't come to a Salsa class as I don't know how to dance"... don't worry... that is what our classes are for - to teach you to Salsa! We have new students starting all of the time, most of whom have never danced before either.

Where to next?

We recommend that you remain in the Beginners' classes until you are really comfortable with the basics as these will not be re-taught at the higher levels.

Once you are comfortable with your basic steps, timing and leading/following you are ready to move up to TECHNIQUE level.