"Move-to-Improver" level classes


*Please check Classes page to find your nearest venue and check whether we run 'drop-in' classes or 8 week courses there.

The "Move to Improvers" sessions are based around an 8 week block of classes that will take what you have learnt in your Beginners' course and show you how you can adapt the moves and techniques that you have learnt to create different and new variations and moves.

We also introduce some new moves that are otherwise introduced in Improver level - the benefit of doing them as part of the "Move to Improvers" course is that they are introduced at a slightly slower pace - allowing you to focus more on your technique and perfecting each new move before adding it into a longer routine. 

What is required?

In order to take the "Move to Improver" classes you need to be competent with all of the moves and techniques covered in our Beginners' course, or our Beginners & Technique 'drop-in' sessions. You need to feel ready to add onto, and adapt, what you know - and be prepared to learn slightly longer moves/routines in each session.

It can take 2 - 4 months before you feel ready to attend a "Move to Improvers" class. If you are in any doubt as to whether you are ready don't hesitate to ask any of the Abanico Team as we are well aware that some people are able to progress more quickly, and some like to take longer in order to perfect their basics.

Where to next?

Most people to like to complete the 8 week rotation twice before moving up to Improver - once you are happy leading/following everything taught in the "Move to Improver" classes you are ready to move up to IMPROVER level.