Technique level classes


Technique level focuses on developing the technique which will be required for Improver and Intermediate Level dancing. It follows a 6 week rotation (that can be joined any week) and covers moves including Cross Body Lead, Open Break, Right Turn, Left Turn, Changing Places, Travelling Turns and Shines/Footwork, as well as more detailed Leading & Following technique.

It is important that you are comfortable with everything covered before moving up a level as we do not 're-teach' these moves and techniques at Improver level - you will be expected to know and be comfortable with them so that we can focus on putting moves and turn patterns together once you get to Improver level.

It is worth noting that many of our dancers who have moved up to Improver (& Intermediate) Level still regularly attend our Technique classes in order to make sure that they are not picking up bad habits - those that do tend to improve much quicker than those that don't!

What is required?

In order to do Technique level you need to be happy with all of the basic steps, timing and connections taught at Beginner level.

You should be able to comfortably dance your basic steps, leading/following simple changes, connecting nicely on time with your partner and the music.

N.B. If you have attended one of our Beginners' courses you will have been taught everything we cover at Technique level - but that is not to say that you will not still find it useful as practice for perfecting your techniques...)

Where to next?

We recommend that you remain at technique level long enough to cover everything taught at least twice so that you are comfortable with the moves and techniques before moving on - this is important as they will not be re-taught at the higher levels.

Once you are happy leading/following everything taught at Technique level you are ready to move up to IMPROVER level.