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If you prefer to buy your music from iTunes this is the page to look at.

Having originally been a striclty vinyl man I came round to the idea of DJing with CDs - am now getting used to the whole idea of downloading - it does make life easy! You don't get detailed liner notes like you often do with an LP or a CD but you are able to buy music track by track - a big bonus when buying Salsa as any DJ/collector who has been buying before downloads were so prolific will tell you... I have CD bags full of discs that I imported fom the US at great expense for only one track, the rest being unplayable on any respectable Salsa dance floor!

Anyway, below are some lists of some good Salsa music that is available on iTunes (if you don't have iTunes click on the icon below to download it for free from Apple).  You can preview by clicking the little 'play' icons and just click 'view' to head over to iTunes and be taken to the exact song you have been previewing... magic!

If you prefer your music in 'hard copy' format and you want to get your hands on some actual CDs... try our store for some recommendations > click here...

Featured album no.1

renacimientoA big heads up to all dancers, DJs & music lovers - here is one you don't want to miss... Orquesta SCC | "Salsa Con Conciencia" have just dropped dance floor dynamite in the shape of their new album!

As a big fan of Orquesta SCC "Salsa con Conciencia" (formerly known as La Excelencia but re-born with some personnel changes) I wait with anticipation & nerves for each new release - and I am chuffed to say that this one will not disappoint! As a DJ I reckon this album could even be the most dancer friendly - the range of tempos will keep everybody happy here. There are of course one or two for lovers of the fast stuff where the band let rip - but my favourites on first listening are some of the slow & mid-tempos numbers - "Pancho Rumba" and "Son Son Son Sonero" are definitely getting some airtime next time I am on the decks... and as a music lover this album kicks ass - the solos are fantastic, the arrangements swing, the playing is tight, Edwin Perez hasn't sounded better, and Jose Vazquez-Cofresi's hands play hard! There are too many high points but two moments that made me stop in the office this morning were Charlie Dilone's solo on "Dejale Que Baile" and Yuniel Jiménez Valdés' solo on "El Montuno De La Verdad" - this band can really play and seem to get better and better.