Angus LatinFest playlist


OK folks - as requested here is a list of a few of the tunes I played at LatinFest in my DJ sets and Cha Cha classes.  I have kept the list restricted to tunes found on iTunes so that it's nice and easy to get them... and mostly old school classics that are a great dancing speed - enjoy!

...just click the tune/link and your computer will take you right there on iTunes... remember to keep your downloads legal folks...

"Guaguanco Para Barrio Obrero" - Alfredo Linares Y Su Orquesta
- incorrectly named on iTunes

"Muneca" - Alfredo De La Fe Y Su Orquesta
- also check out the versions by Eddie Palmieri and Roberto Y Su Nuevo Montuno

"Tu Tu Ta Ta" - Eddie Palmieri
- an EP classic!

"Oye Mi Canto" - El Gran Combo De Puerto Rico
- fantastic slow burner... great to dance to.

"Aspira" - Gus Colon Y Orchestra Colon
- heavy tune with fantastic trumpets!

"La China De Mi Barrio" - Javier Vazquez Y Su Salsa
- a favourite tune from one of my favourite artists.

"Iyanla" - La Excelencia
- one of the best tracks of 2012 - even better live if you get the chance!

"Aprovechate" - Flamboyan Orquesta
- this one drops in proper heavy..!

"Bravo De verdad" - Richie Ray & Bobby Cruz
- one of my favourites from the legendary pair.

"Si Estas Herido" - Tommy Olivencia
- current fave off the album - you usually hear "Trucutu" or "Plante Bandera"... also fantastic!


- and now for some Cha Cha... here's a few of the tracks I like to dance to and use in class

"Pa' Huele" - Eddie Palmieri
- firm favourite from the master - again, even better live if you get the chance!

"Oye Nicola" - Johnny Zamot Y La Sociedad 76
- this one should come with a warning... wow! (ignore Johnny Ray label on iTunes)

"Mi Son" - Orquesta Deejay
- heavy stuff from a heavy band!

"Mi Nuevo Barretto" - Ray Barretto
- a great Boogaloo Cha Cha - love it!


Hope you like them - enjoy...

The Prof's Report on The Extravaganza


Be afraid folks... The Prof's report on The Extravaganza has now been published so look out..!

A big thank you to "The Keef Jones Handbook" for being with us on the day and bringing his penmanship skills to bear on our event - we recommend you sit down and remove any food/drink from your mouth before reading if you wish your computer screen to stay clean..!

> read the report here...

New La Excelencia album


Here it is folks... the one we've been waiting for!  "Ecos Del Barrio" - the latest album from La Excelencia - has now hit the stores and you can get your hands on a copy (digital only as they have posted that they have already sold out of CDs and are waiting on their next delivery!)

At the time of writing it is not available on iTunes but you can buy/download it from (no doubt it will pop up on iTunes before too long).

Those of you that bought the first two albums from La Excelencia will know that they don't do things by halves... in your face Salsa Dura is their style and we love it!  As a result they were going to have to do a good job to live up to their previous output and they have certainly done it - we reckon that there could be even more for you on this album in terms of dancer friendly Salsa.

We love an "Intro" and they start with a short one here before launching into the opening track "Pa'l Mundo Entero" - this one is classic La Excelencia and right from the opening riffs from the horns you know that this one will get people off their seats and onto the dance floor... a catchy start and it just gets better!

There is too much good stuff here to write about - a variety of tempos which we love, great Cha Cha, and the wonderful addition of strings to the band (on the track "Maria") - but above all top quality Salsa for the dance floor and a sure fire soundtrack to your Salsa Summer.

Expect to hear lots of this... we are now even more impatient to see them live again!

Beginner's Guide to Salsa 2012


Don't be fooled by the name folks... this one isn't just for beginners!

DJ Lubi is back with his latest compilation is the "Beginner's Guide" series - this is the 4th to date - and at the time of writing it is number 2 in the world music charts... only 1 day after it's official release!

Don't miss out on one of the best bargains of the year - it's currently less than £5 on - 3 CDs... 36 tracks... no brainer!  CD1: Salsa Classica (classic from the 70s, 80s & 90s), CD2: Salsa Moderna (anthems from 2000 - 2010), and CD3: Salsa Dura (contemporary modern hard Salsa).

Stand by to hear a load of these tracks in class & on the dance floor..!

> click here to buy on

Salsa Music


We've been getting a few requests for some music recommendations in class over the last week so be sure to check out our Music page for some great recommendations... as well as some great practice music.

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