Coranavirus update - classes CANCELLED

- updated 12th March 2020 -


I guess you knew it was coming... sadly here it is.

There is now enough information to make what is, in our opinion, the only sensible decision.

Abanico Salsa are postponing all classes & parties until further notice due to the WHO declared COVID-19 pandemic. Effective immediately.

We also strongly advise that all dancers take a break from group classes until further notice (you may well find it hard to dance anyway as I have been speaking with other promoters from around the country and it looks like most will be closing asap as well).

We will monitor the situation and will be back up & running as soon as we can.

P.S. (gratuitous plug alert!) if you want to continue salsa lessons in the safe environment of your choice check out our online classes here!

Thank you for your continued support - we look forward to seeing you all on the dance floor again (hopefully) very soon!

Angus & The Abanico Salsa Team


P.S. anyone who has purchased a course and is part way through - we wil pick up where we left off as soon as we are back.  Contact your teacher for more info if needed.