Salsa on the Pier

Rides & Attractions

GP Go-Karts

Budding racing drivers are invited to test out their skills on our exhilarating split level go-kart track − complete with 8 mind-bending turns!


 Laser Maze

The clock is ticking... can you get from one side of the Laser Maze to the other without breaking the laser beams?


4D Cinema

Experience all the thrills of a 4D cinema, but this time with moving seats, air blasts, water sprays and even leg ticklers!


Crazy Circus

The crazy house is back and this time it’s even bigger and crazier! Experience three storeys of moving floors, funny mirrors and general mayhem.



Strap yourself into Robocoaster’s rollercoaster-style seats and experience the full force of its robotic arms as they fling you through the air.


House of Horrors

Climb aboard the ghost train for a spooky ride into pitch black darkness. A gruesome selection of ghouls and zombies awaits, but will they make you jump?


Adventure Cove

Our children’s soft play will keep the kids amused for hours. It features an amazing climbing frame capable of holding 150 children at any one time!



Take a walk through Psychedelia and your sixties-style glasses will bend the light, creating a multi-coloured illusion that is guaranteed to blow your mind...



Experience the wild Sidewinder. The Sidewinder is a mind bending pendulum ride which spins while swinging at the same time! Not for the faint hearted!


F1 Simulator

Discover how it feels to be a Formula 1 racing driver in our F1 simulator − a full size replica complete with force-feedback controls and surround sound. Used by Formula 1 racing teams.



One of the most popular & exciting fairground rides. A trip to the seaside would not be complete without a ride on the Dodgems!



Experience the exhilarating feeling of weightlessness as you plummet through the air at high speed on Freefall, a brand new state of the art attraction.


Helter Skelter

The Grand Pier wouldn't be complete without its famous Helter Skelter. Get to the bottom and you'll be straight back to the top for another go!


Land Train

The Land Train will provide a single or return trip for visitors to the Grand Pier. The Land Train will travel the entire length of the boardwalk to the all new Pavilion and back, leaving you to enjoy the superb views.


Arcade Games

With more than 500 fun machines in our state of the art arcade, you can enjoy hours of fun. We have every kind of arcade game imaginable including air hockey, video games, dance stages, shooting galleries, penny pushers, novelty cranes and many more.