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talal edytaTalal & Edyta

Passion, energy, talent and creativity with an exotic Moroccan & Polish flavour!

Talal & Edyta created their own unique dance style and teach salsa both On1 and On2, and are known for their effective way in which they teach the
technique of leading and following. Their individual abilities and experience join to create extraordinary mixture. They appreciate versatility. Looking at
their dancing you can notice influence of many other styles...which makes their strength.

The most important for them is joy given by dance, and they try to share it with all people around. Always positive, always with a smile they encourage you to
dance your feet off wherever you are, at their workshop or on the dance floor!


Basil MelissaBasil Pinnock

Basil has been involved in competitive sports and dance for most of his life and has trained, taught and performed in a number of different disciplines. In particular, he has represented the UK in the martial art of Tae Kwon Do at both national and international levels. Until 2008, Basil worked as a lawyer with one of the biggest Criminal Law firms in the country but retired from the profession to start his own Dance Company.

A great deal of Basil’s early years were spent in the various Jazz Dance clubs up and down the country. This was a unique underground dance scene, where the emphasis was on solo footwork and breath-taking body movement. The ‘Latin Jazz’ music played during this period has been a strong influence on the music currently played at Dance2Salsa events and has made a major contribution to Basil’s understanding of the music and his expression of it.

Salsa became a major part of Basil’s life in 2001 and he has dedicated himself to learning and teaching all aspects of this fantastic art form. He started Dance2Salsa in the Autumn of 2006 at Bird Hills Golf Club with Melissa Lambourne who in that time has established herself as the ‘First Lady’ of Dance2Salsa. Basil now teaches a number of different dance styles and forms including Cross Body Lead salsa On1, Mambo On2 (Palladium/Classic timing), Cha Cha Cha and Bachata Tango. With his partner Melissa, he also delivers unique 3 hour workshops in areas such as Musical interpretation and application to dance, Ladies and Men’s Styling, Spins and Rotations, Footwork and Solo movement and Dancing On2.

Basil has developed a unique system of teaching and delivery built around a strong syllabus, the focus of which is the development of excellent ‘Core Technique’, matched by strong leading and following skills. Fundamental to the above is a thorough understanding of and awareness of the music as well as the development of musical expression. This can be seen in the high calibre dancers that have been through the program. Basil is UKA qualified to ‘Licentiate’ level after passing his higher level UKA exam in June 2007 with the United Kingdom Alliance.

In the last three years, Basil and Melissa have jointly choreographed a number of performances at professional and student level and have performed and taught at various venues around the country.


dixonEdson De Lacerda (Mozambique)

Edson was born in Mozambique, Africa but he is Portuguese from his Father side having lived in Portugal most of his Life but for the past 7 years he has been living in Plymouth, UK. Been dancing Kizomba for total 15 years but with a Hip-Hop background making a total of nearly 20 years of dance experience.

Nicknamed as DiXoN, started to teach Kizomba beginners and improvers in Plymouth University for to the International Latin Society (former Plymouth Spanish & Latinos Society) since 2011.

Founder of Super Kizomba DX, based in Plymouth but we aim to promote Kizomba culture in the whole South-West as we have been teaching in several cities around the UK (Birmingham, Bristol, Exeter, Falmouth, New quay, Torquay, Truro) and festivals (FLAC festival, Latinfest, Plymouth Tropical Summer Festival, Sardinia Afro Beach Festival, Motion City).

angus angeliqueAngus & Angelique - Abanico Salsa, UK

Angus started dancing in 1998 because of his love for the music and his passion for Salsa. His professional teaching and DJing career started in 2000 and he is now recognised as one of the UK's finest teachers of the Cross-Body Style of Salsa dancing. Angus is also one of the few teachers in the South West working Internationally - his growing popularity means he is now much in demand as a showcase artist on dance holidays across Europe and America.

He is one of those rare people who combines being a superb dancer with being an excellent teacher and whilst he has an enviable natural dancing ability, he is still able to break down, demonstrate and explain exactly what he is doing, and why.

His infectious enthusiasm and focus on helping others to express their own style and personality to music ensures his classes are much in demand by dancers of every level. Angus focuses on teaching moves which are leadable and followable and ensures his students develop effective techniques which help them to progress from beginners to accomplished dancers. Angus is now also regularly working for schools and shares his love of dance with children of all ages who love his fun personality, which comes out in every class.

Angus founded Abanico Salsa in 2007, with the intention of taking his unique dance experiences to a wider audience and together with the Abanico Team, is responsible for some of the most popular classes in the South West.

Angélique first started dancing Salsa in 2004 whilst at University in France. Having a background in dance - she studied Modern Jazz whilst at school - she was a fast learner and even progressed to a level where she was teaching before moving to the UK.

Shortly after moving to the UK in 2007 Angélique started attending Abanico Salsa classes in Torquay where she discovered a passion for all things New York style... both the dance and the music!

Since then she has worked even harder at her dancing - as those who have seen her dance (and spin!!) will know - and now assists Angus every month at our Viva Mambo sessions, as well as his guest teaching appearances across the UK.


lee swiftLee Swift

Formerly of Salsa Montuno-uk Lee started dancing Salsa in 2004. He was bitten by the 'Salsa bug' from the first moment he saw it danced - that was it… he had to learn! He now dances or teaches 4 to 5 nights a week. In January 2007 Lee qualified as a fully Insured Teacher and Member of the UKA. Recently Lee has been fortunate enough to have the opportunity of teaching and DJing as far afield as Nairobi, Kenya.

Lee enjoys teaching and sharing my passion for both Salsa Dance and Music with others. In his classes he likes to ensure people have fun, whilst always working on good technique. He also emphasises the importance of leading and following during the dance. As well as Salsa lee loves to teach Bachata, Merengue, La Rueda and Cha Cha.

Lee was also instrumental instrumental in founding Salsa Montuno-uk and in events bringing some of the UK's top teachers & performers to Bristol, running Workshops in Styling, Technique and Body Movement and alternative dance styles.