Eddie Hunt


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004 eddieEddie hasn’t looked back since he was introduced to Salsa in 2003 by a friend and he has travelled far and wide and taken many lessons from some of the best teachers in the UK and abroad as a result.

Eddie first attended Abanico Salsa lessons in 2009, (but wished he had earlier as his dancing developed rapidly as a result of their teaching techniques) and has been a regular ever since.  Now ‘hooked’ on Salsa Eddie continues to challenge himself to master ever more varied & difficult moves which he learns from continuing to attend Salsa classes across the UK and drawing inspiration from some of the best salsa dancers in the world.  When dancing Salsa, he prides himself on ensuring his ‘lead’ is clear and precise thus ensuring each dance is enjoyed by the follower.

Eddie has a drive and determination to develop his Salsa dancing skills and knowledge and is always open to trying out new and exciting moves whilst doing so.