Emily Ross

Teaching Assistant

014 emilyEmily first started dancing Salsa in 2007. She wanted to make new friends and thought that she may find a few at a local Salsa Class in Truro, where she was then living.

The first few months were a bit of a struggle trying to learn something new, but she decided to keep going and went to every class she could find in the local area... within 3 months she had caught the Salsa Bug!

After a year and a half she had progressed to a level where her teachers at these classes noticed her ability and asked her to assist with teaching. As Emily has a music and teaching background she jumped at the chance - she is a grade 8 violin player and was teaching the violin to students, so she was very pleased to apply her teaching skills to Salsa as well!

At the end of 2010 Emily moved from Cornwall to Newton Abbot where she has now made lots of new friends again at Abanico Salsa and feels very honoured to have been asked to join the team. We are chuffed to have her with us!