Nicky Curgenven

Teaching Assistant

010 nickyNicky has always been interested in all forms of dancing, dabbling in tap and disco to name but two - even joining a local disco dance troupe in her early teens - but it wasn't until fairly recently that she caught the Salsa bug.

Nicky started going to Salsa DX classes in September 2007 which introduced her to salsa music and footwork, and it was through these classes in May 2008 that she got the opportunity to try a salsa course - it was Carl (see above) who asked if she fancied "giving it a go?" - and she's not looked back since!

Wanting to learn more, she joined the Abanico Salsa classes in Exmouth straight away and found Angus & Sonja's passion and enthusiasm for everything salsa very addictive. Suffice it to say, the salsa bug has well and truly bitten. There's a great social side to salsa dancing and "I've met and made friends with some lovely people at various classes and events". Now Nicky is hooked she is always on the dance floor trying to improve her dancing technique whenever possible!

As well as this Nicky forms one half of our invaluable admin team on Tuesday nights in Exmouth - anyone who has come down to class in Exmouth will know how great she and Carl are at sorting everyone out at the beginning of the evening, and how much help they are during class and throughout the evening.