Sonja Heigl


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007 sonjaSonja first discovered her love of Salsa music in the mid 80s while at college, but it wasn't until quite a few years (and babies!) later she tried her first Salsa class and was instantly hooked. By 2006 she had set up Exmouth Salsa and was working with Angus on a regular basis to promote Salsa in East Devon.

Still tirelessly promoting, Sonja now teaches both leading & following up to Improver level at weekly classes in Exmouth & Sidmouth; and in Exeter both teaching Beginners and assisting Angus at Intermediate level. Her total passion for the music also now sees her DJing on a regular basis and her organisational skills have lead to the creation of events such as the annual Salsa Cruise and the Exmouth/Sidmouth social nights. She was also instrumental in the development of the Moose Salsa parties & the So…Boogi dance shoe range.

Sonja is also co-creator, director & instructor, with Angus, of Salsa DX (Salsa aerobics), with classes now all over Devon & beyond including 'sell-out' Shimmy days twice a year.
As if that wasn't enough, Sonja can often be seen waving goodbye to her family before setting off across the UK to indulge her passion on the dance floors of some of the biggest Salsa events... let's face it, when is she actually off the dance floor?