Tim Williams


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008 timTim started dancing in 2005 when he went along to his first Ballroom and Latin American beginner’s class. When taught the first steps of Cha Cha he knew he was hooked for life! Within six months he was having two hours of private lessons a week, attending additional classes and was asked to help out with the improver’s class on a Friday night... and was hooked.

Tim trained for competitions for a number of years afterwards and finally entered into a Sunday afternoon competition - coming second in category. After this he decided to work towards his qualifications and is now qualified in both Ballroom Standard and Latin American styles with the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dance (ISTD) and has been teaching classes and private lessons for a number of years and choreographing wedding dances for a number of excited young couples!

It wasn’t long after that Tim got introduced to Salsa. He immediately loved it and started learning LA Style in 2007 - dancing Salsa two or three times a week alongside his Ballroom. November 2010 saw Tim's introduction to Kizomba! He loved the music and the movements and so went looking for a class. Finding a Kizomba buddy he started going to as many events as possible - eventually starting his own class in the Cheltenham area under the name "Love Kizomba". The class is still running and enjoying regular new beginners and some experienced members that have been with us since the beginning!

Tim's newest passion that has worked its way into my heart and mind is Zouk - or more correctly Zouk Lambada. Danced to some of the same music as Kizomba, its beat and rhythm is hypnotic and extremely addictive.

Some of other styles that Tim has learnt & enjoyed over the years are – Bachata, Cuban Salsa, Argentine Tango, American Smooth, Viennese Waltz, Rock & Roll, Lindy-hop, Blues, West Coast Swing, Semba and Kuduru to name a few. Although his favourite style of dance still remains as the Slow Foxtrot, with Kizomba and Zouk making up his top three.

Although already classified as professional due to his qualifications Tim's teaching has been a hobby to his main profession (electronic engineering) - however as of June 2014 he will be truly professional, taking the leap to teach dance full time. To that end in May 2014 he signed up to become one of the teachers at Abanico Salsa - a group that he is "truly excited and energised to be part of" - welcome aboard Tim!