Shirley Baxter

"I've really enjoyed the Beginners course and have learnt a lot about Salsa" Shirley Baxter, Feb 11

Anon 11

"Have really looked forward to Wednesday nights and Bills jokes!" Anon, Feb 11

Jacqui Curwood

"Very much enjoyed the beginners course, I think the instructors are very good" Jacqui Curwood, Oct 10

Su Button

"I enjoyed the course and it's been so easy to learn" Su Button, Oct 10


"It's given me a lot of confidence and a real highlight of the week. I never thought I'd have the courage to dance... I love it and can't wait to learn more." Fanny, Oct 10

Ceara Ford

"I can't believe how much we had learnt by the end of just 8 classes!" Ceara Ford, Oct 10


"I love the course, it's vibrant, full of exuberance and above all great fun" Sonya, Aug 10


"As always, great teaching and fab music!" Jo, July 10


"Really Enjoyed it - thank you!" Beth, July 10

Anon 10

"Bite sized chunks with time to practice between instalments... you've made sense of something alien and I thoroughly enjoy your teaching methods" Anon, July 10


"As expected from Angus, excellent delivery with clear instruction in fun and motivating classes" Sarah, July 10

Anon 9

"Very much enjoy Abanico teaching methods so practically up for all Abanico courses!" Anon, July 10

John Osborne

"Good fun, a new skill - I look forward to Wednesday nights!" John Osborne, June 10

Florence Fisher

"Very enjoyable course and friendly teachers" Florence Fisher, June 10

Shelly Frost

"Very enjoyable, like the continuity of the classes each week, like the people and the laid back approach" Shelly Frost, June 10

Shirley Doohan

"My physio suggested I try this and he is very pleased with my progress and my improved mobility" Shirley Doohan, June 10

Alan and Diana Evans

"Good fun, met a number of very nice people, very sociable and learnt something" Alan and Diana Evans, Jun 10

Rachel Langan

"Great fun, music and exercise. Denise dances like a dream and Bill and Denise teach well together making salsa fun and accessible to all" Rachel Langan, Mar 10

Ian Kilcoyne

"Good course and meticulous teaching" Ian Kilcoyne, Mar 10

Sandra and Tony

"Very enjoyable and good fun with excellent teachers" Sandra and Tony, Mar 10

Isabel James

"Fun, I can’t stop grinning!" Isabel James, Mar 10

Gwen and Ian Mongomery

"Great fun and learning a new skill, everyone very friendly" Gwen and Ian Mongomery, Mar 10